About Playa Paloma Partners

We value our time at playa paloma so much. The beauty and quiet are just breathtaking. We hate to go back to phoenix!

- Mr.& Mrs. Hock, owners

We are the group responsible for many of the positive developments in and around Rocky Point over the past decade. Our Partners were instrumental in the legal regularization of Cholla Bay (1994), creating the only properties at Playa Encanto with water and sewer services and powered by grid-connected underground electrical service (2003), and, of course, the creation of Playa Paloma with it's unique combination of idyllic setting and robust, complete infrastructure (2004).

Our Partner, Richard Goy, has been coming to Rocky Point since 1968!

In addition -- and unlike so many American developers -- Richard is fluent in Spanish. Please take a few minutes to read our interview with Richard to get a longer-term perspective on Rocky Point's development, past, present, and future!

An interview with Richard Goy, Partner CONTACT RICHARD GOY

Q: How would you describe the changes in Rocky Point in the past ten years?
A: We find that many of our purchasers are looking for a quiet, safe, pristine and family oriented environment. Young families, investors, retirees and other people looking for a nicer, safer vacation home for their families have all found the value that Playa Paloma offers. Our property prices are more like Rocky Point ten or more years ago. The dynamics of Rocky Point have also changed greatly, for better or worse depending on what you want your experience of Mexico to be. If you want a party atmosphere, loud music, fireworks and never ending night life, Rocky Point has become that.

Q: What was Rocky Point like in the late 1960’s and 1970’s?
A: I remember my family staying at the Granada Hotel with its beautiful central courtyard and Bouganvilla-covered trellises for $10.00 per night! Early in the morning you would think you were in some sleepy Mexican town 1000 miles into the interior of the country, not just 60 miles from the United States border. My family would go to small family-run restaurants -- there were only a few in those days -- and have delicious chorizo and eggs for $1.25 or enormous shrimp cocktails for $3.00. As anyone who has visited Rocky Point recently knows, those prices are long gone, as is the charm of that sleepy little coastal village. Rocky point now sports all the trappings that accompany explosive, largly uncontrolled, development.

Q: Are retirees a large part of the migration to Rocky Point?
A: Rocky Point still has a number of retirees that make the area their full or part-time home. As I see it, noise and light pollution are driving the retirees, or future retirees, out of the immediate Rocky Point area and further out to quieter and cleaner environments.

Q: What are the main differences between Rocky Point and the Caborca Coast where Playa Paloma lies?
A: The main thing that Playa Paloma has that Rocky Point never did -- and will never have -- is an abundance of water. Playa Paloma sits on what is arguably the richest aquifer in Sonora State. Wells currently on the property are capable of drawing over 800,000 gallons of water per day. At Playa Paloma lush lawns, gardens, trees, even swimming pools, are all possible today -- not some developers sales tactic. The height of our dunes is another unique resource. Just look at a map: no land south of the Mayan Palace rises more than a few feet above sea level -- and much of it is actually below the Sea Of Cortez' highest tides! Coupled with the superior quality of our pristine beaches and lush sugaro desert, Playa Paloma offers its owners a uniquely diverse ecosystem that is unrivaled by anything in the Rocky Point area.

Q: What is the current makeup and goals of purchasers at Playa Paloma?
A: Most are retired, or purchasing home sites at Playa Paloma as part of their retirement plans. Because of the spacious dimensions of our current offering and the option our owners have to build second residences on their properties, a number of our owners are opting to build a moderate size home towards the rear of their property with plans to sell that home in the future, taking the profit, and building the house of their dreams on the remaining -- and still spacious -- beach half of their home site.

Q: How do you see the future of Playa Paloma?
A: I see a quality, controlled, community that has been created with the highest standards from its inception. Thru United States-quality CC&R's our goal has always been that Playa Paloma live in harmony with its magnificent desert and unpolluted beaches. Our goal as developers is that Playa Paloma always remain as natural and unspoiled as nature created it.

Q: Do people doubt Playa Paloma's claims of 1/2 acre home sites, superior beaches, and a superior investment to anything in Rocky Point?
A: I don't know, we simply hope that people interested in Sonoran beachfront property compare what Rocky Point has evolved into with the spectacular, unspoiled environment of Palaya Paloma. Come see the world of difference that just 55 miles makes! We always welcome the opportunity to take visitors to Playa Paloma and let our property speak for itself.


Where others only promise, Playa Paloma delivers!