About Playa Paloma Partners

We are the group responsible for many of the positive developments in and around Rocky Point over the past decade. Our Partners were instrumental in the legal regularization of Cholla Bay (1994), creating the only properties at Playa Encanto with water and sewer services and powered by grid-connected underground electrical service (2003), and, of course, the creation of Playa Paloma with it's unique combination of idyllic setting and robust, complete infrastructure (2004).

Q: What are the main differences between Rocky Point and the Caborca Coast where Playa Paloma lies?
A: The main thing that Playa Paloma has that Rocky Point never did – and will never have – is an abundance of water. Playa Paloma sits on what is arguably the richest aquifer in Sonora State. The height of our dunes is another unique resource. Just look at a map: no land south of the Mayan Palace rises more than a few feet above sea level – and much of it is actually below the Sea Of Cortez’ highest tides! Coupled with the superior quality of our pristine beaches and lush saguaro desert, Playa Paloma offers its owners a uniquely diverse ecosystem that is unrivaled by anything in the Rocky Point area.

Q: How do you see the future of Playa Paloma?
A: I see a quality, controlled, community that has been created with the highest standards from its inception. Thru United States-quality CC&R's our goal has always been that Playa Paloma live in harmony with its magnificent desert and unpolluted beaches. Our goal as developers is that Playa Paloma always remain as natural and unspoiled as nature created it.