About Caborca

Just 40 Miles from Playa Paloma

Caborca is a thriving city of 135,000 just 40 miles southeast of Playa Paloma which offers our owners amenities not found in smaller Sonoran towns such as Rocky Point. Within the Free Zone, Caborca is home to three large Ley supermarkets, as well as numerous other useful stores and services. These amenities place Caborca among the top group of Sonoran cities and provide Playa Paloma's owners with resources far beyond those available solely in Rocky Point and, unlike Rocky Point, Mexican pricing!

Culturally genuine and authentically Mexican, Caborca is home to many mission-style turn of the century churches. It was founded in the late 1600's as a missionary outpost by Jesuit Father Kino. Near Caborca there are old mining towns such as Costa Rica, El Zoñi, Juárez, La Antimonia, La Bonancita, San Luisito, and Santa Felicitas, that were once rich communities and today can make wonderful and exotic day-trip or camping destinations.