The Environment of Playa Paloma

The environment of Playa Paloma is strikingly different from that immediately surrounding Rocky Point. Greener, and with much more vegetation and wildlife, Playa Paloma is surrounded by thousands of acres of asparagus, grape, and alfalfa fields, as well as olive groves and massive citrus ranches. This rich desert and coastal ecosystem also supports numerous Hawks, Osprey, Javelina, Fox, Bobcat and Great Horned Owls. Much of the greenery and wildlife diversity is the result of the area’s different, and more robust aquifer. Rising to within feet of the surface, Playa Paloma's abundant aquifer provides ample nourishment for this ecosystem.

Thousands of acres of unspoiled Sonoran desert are encompassed by Playa Paloma, with a seemingly infinite number of the desert’s most majestic plant, the Saguaro, populating this spectacular landscape. Our home site’s 360 degree views provide desert vistas of breathtaking beauty, and nature walks at your doorstep!

The splendor of two of Earth’s most unique ecosystems, the Sea of Cortéz (which Jaques Cousteau once called “the World’s richest ocean”) and the Sonoran desert, is on display daily at Playa Paloma. Swim with the dolphins at your doorstep! Catch your dinner from your front porch! After each days spectacular sunset experience another wonder -- the pristine night sky and the mystery and romance of a universe of stars!

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