Playa Paloma Access

Playa Paloma is accessed from the Caborca highway:

While we would like to take you on a private tour of Playa Paloma, we welcome unescorted guests!
Enjoy the beach! See below for driving directions.

La Privada Site Map

Driving Directions from Rocky Point:

  • From Boulevard Juarez (the main road entering town) turn left on Boulevard Freemont (which becomes the Caborca Highway).
  • From the intersection, follow the signs to Caborca for 56.5 miles to the sign indicating the entrance to Palya Paloma.
  • At our sign, turn hard right and follow the signs for 4.9 miles to our security gate following the power lines.
  • From the security gate, follow the signs for an additional 2.3 miles to the entrance to Playa Paloma.
  • Proceed down our back-of-dune paved road. Enjoy the Beach!