Our Development Philosophy

Our development philosophy has three central goals: to offer unrivaled value and secure ownership of Sea of Cortéz beachfront properties while preserving the natural characteristics of the property's ecosystem in perpetuity.

Commitment to Value

Our commitment to value is reflected in huge size of your beachfront home site, our prices (just a fraction of Rocky Point), and the robust infrastructure provided each of our owners that frees them from the cost and unreliability of solar electrical systems and the myriad of cost and sanitation issues associated with septic systems. Underground electric, water and sewer utilities as well as paved access to your lot are all standard in Playa Paloma. In addition, our 24 hour security and our own paved airstrip add unique security and convenience that other developments don’t offer. We encourage you to compare the cost of ownership of the breathtaking beachfront at Playa Paloma to that of any coastal development in Mexico!

Your Ownership Rights are Central to Our Mission

Unlike so many Sonoran developments, our ownership documentation withstands the strictest examination, assuring our owners that their rights will be preserved. We encourage you to contact our Partner, Richard Goy, so that he can provide you with any information you may require to assure yourself of the superiority of your ownership rights at Playa Paloma.

Commitment to Preservation

Commitment to preservation of Playa Paloma’s unique ecosystem is reflected in all of our design and development decisions, from the huge size of our properties to our provision of underground electrical and sewage services. Unlike lesser developments with their mazes of view-destroying overhead wires and septic system issues, Playa Paloma's properties are designed to allow our owners full usage of the beachfront and their homes with the assurance that the unspoiled character of their home sites will be preserved for their children and grandchildren. Contact our Partner, Richard Goy, to arrange a private tour of Playa Paloma so that you can see for yourself the unique results of our efforts!

Where others only promise, Playa Paloma delivers!